We founded Regency Interiors as an answer to a very common question, “Where can I buy this?” Our goal is to make the model home furnishings our community has grown to love easily accessible. All the while, we aim to help our customers create the style and comfort that is experienced in each of our model homes. With an online shopping platform and many “in-person” shopping experiences, trust us to make your home a model home for others.

Meet our Designers

Cindy Carlson

Kristin Midgett

What Separates Us...

We provide multiple buying experiences. 

We are not just an online store. Nor are we limited to one retail space. We aim to continuously create shopping experiences for you and your family. From model home sales to our retail presence at Painted Tree Marketplace, enjoy a calendar full of shopping experience in 2021!

We provide the best of model homes.

As designers for Regency Homebuilders, it is important we stock the models with pieces that best showcase the space. If a piece isn't working, we search for a new one. In doing so, we've been able to hone in the local and national style trends, making sure the best products are readily available at all times.

We are family-focused. 

We both have 3 kids and large families. And our work demonstrates our understanding that families come first. We design with community in mind and are driven by stories of how our products help families find more comfort at home with their family.